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SEO is the most important. We teach about free audits. We teach about +140 search engines, performing local listings, PPC management, authority articles with keywords and backlinks submitted to +1000's of sites. We designed these SEO videos. We teach content,press releases, most importantly backlinks. Scroll to back button on video page. Click

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SEO Master Class 1.1 is a necessity!


Integrated Website Development is very aware that Google is the number one resource that online businesses need to drive traffic. Most consumers never Make it off the first page of Google when doing a search. How you rank is crucial. We will get you ranked on Google.


Integrated Website Development appreciates the fact that driving website traffic is the most important element of an online business. We have +100's of tools we use to drive traffic. We use SEO, social media, video, e-mail, apps, and CRM. We teach integrated strategies.


Integrated Website Development recognizes that link building & sharing are of major importance. When you build links it drives traffic, rankings, and potential clients. You must build quality links to other sites so that Google recognizes your visibility and ranks you.

Local Listings

Local listings in directories are an essential part of SEO and it get's your company name recognized in searches. We teach listing placements including the big 3, Google My Business, Yelp, and Bing. We also offer listings with 50 and with 140 on them. You must list

Local Ad Campaigns

It is important to put yyour brand out in public view whenever possible and that means taking all the local free advertising services and placing your ads in them. It is a very cost effective way to broadcast your image and it helps your reputation.

Press Release

We teach press releases to over 12000 media sources including, Fox News, MSNBC, and The New York Times. Then you have the option to give a press release to another 120000 Google sources. These press releases are important because of the backlink and followers you get.

About Int Web Dev SEO Master Class 1.1

Integrated Website Development is a web hosting company with Domains, Security, and Back ups. We also provide cPanel, Managed Wordpress, developer hosting, and private servers. We are also a development company operating in websites, applications, software, and courses.

Integrated Website Development has one of the most advanced marketing platforms around. We teach SEO, social media, video, and e-mail marketing. We also have CSR, CRM marketing bots. We use every approach to teaching marketing coupled with integrations. Join our course

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