We help people find their career fields.

We use house focus astrology and sidereal houses to interpret your birth chart. Your birth chart describes your top skills suited to your career areas. These areas enable you to prosper more and faster.

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Benefits of an AstroDNA House Reading

Trained Astrologer

For forty years, I've studied the field of astrology.

Experienced Pool of Knowledge

Experienced Humanities Degree, Business Management and Writing skills to help you define your career.

Career Analysis Expertise

Understanding of various types of careers from a historical and socilogical perspective.

Scientific Reading

Use the most accurate Astrology Indicators.


Quick mp3 reading.

Voice Reading

Voice Reading and Chart Included.


AsrtroDNA.com for fast and accurate Info

AstroDNA delivers insights into your career talents, skillsm, your luck areas, and shows you how to achieve your dreams.

We also specialize in spiritual or religious interpretations using House Astrology to help your soul progress in life.

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